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Get a high quality picture suitable for your main acting headshot and promotional business cards. This type of headshot was recommended by a leading LA casting agent (focus on the face, no teeth showing etc) and is just what casting agents look for – a realistic, up-to-date color image with no background or foreground distractions.

All photographs are done by a professional photographer with professional digital Nikon camera equipment.

We are based in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina – just north of Charlotte. If you come to us, the price below applies. If you want us to travel to you we will add a convenience fee if outside of the Lake Norman area.

For just $60 you get the following :

Natural Light Photography and Multiple Poses -
Although we pick one photograph for your main headshot, we will also give you the option to order any of the shots we take on the shoot. Most of our photographs are taken with natural light, but if required we can shoot with studio lights depending on the weather, location and your own personal preferences.

CD with select processed images and rest of shot images -
We will process, retouch etc a group of images that we believe are the best. We also include on the CD the rest of the images unprocessed as a record for you. If there is an image you like in this batch, we will process it for you for no extra charge.

Require Re-touching? -
So you turn up on the day for your headshot and find a huge pimple on your nose – don’t panic – we can easily remove such blemishes from your skin. While it is vital the casting agent has a realistic, up-to-date image of you, there is no point in showing your face on a bad pimple day!…

Contact us now to arrange a date with us – we cannot wait to hear from you!

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