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Other Actors Services

You don’t have to have photography or a website designed by us for Actors Kit to assist you in many areas to help make your name stand out on the Internet

General Consultation -
We can advise you on how to build an online brand or how to increase traffic to your existing website. For example, your website might be created in Flash but find it isn’t found on the search engines. We can help you to create a search engine friendly version of your site in an ethical manner.

Internet Marketing -
Already have a website but it’s not being found on major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN? We can help!

For example, Actress Mahri Shelton wanted her website to be found when searching for her name on Google. While it could be found searching for faiththomas – she wanted the ultimate and to be seen when searching for Mahri Shelton. Thanks to our marketing techniques we were able to accomplish this using ethical search engine marketing.

Showreel Tape to Digital Conversion -
Video tapes may be very 1990′s but most actors tend to get their workshop work, showreels and screen tests dumped on Video Tapes simply because of the ease and cost. We can convert these into digital files suitable for streaming directly on your website or to be put on YouTube.

Contact us now for any other services we can help you with – we cann

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