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We are upfront about our Service Terms and Conditions. Some providers will lock you into a service for years or even charge you to move away – but we understand that actors needs change. By purchasing any of our services, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions of sale.

1) Our package fees are for $99 (or $150 for complete package) and includes a .com (or equivalent) domain name, server setup and one years web hosting. When signing up for any of our packages you agree and understand that the $99 fee for the actors website package and or $150 for the complete package is non-refundable as the charge is levied by the process of setting the account online and not by any software installed (or in the case of the $150 complete package, the photography), the years hosting or domain name. Because the fee is non-refundable we are able to offer you this uniquely non-restrictive agreement. It’s important to note that chargebacks or attempts to defraud via PayPal will result in the site and domain name to immediately be owned by Actors Kit.

2) You may, after 90, move your site away from our web servers to another hosting provider. There is no restriction to moving your site away once the 90 days are up. This is to ensure all credit card payments are legitimate. Of course, once you move your site away from our servers, we can no longer help you with any support issues

3) The domain name is owned by yourself, and can be sold to any third parties or moved to another domain name registrar at the end of the 90 days. Again, this is to ensure all credit card payments are legitimate. It’s important to note that at ALL times you or your business own the domain name unless these terms are broken. However, we will not allow a domain to be moved to a different registrar or registration provider (such as GoDaddy) until the 90 days are up.

4) If you decide to stay with us after a year, simply pay just $10 a month to continue with our excellent service. You can also pre-pay for a year for a discounted $99. Please note, however, that these fees are not refundable as per our (1) terms

5) We do not provide custom software work beyond the design of the text-based logo for your website in these price packages. The exact template you will receive is viewable at Mahri Shelton. Contact us for a bespoke design solution.

6) We can not host, support, design, register a domain or allow any business/person involved in guns/weapons, drugs, warez/pirated software or links, gambling, hate speech/racism, religious intolerance, MP3 downloads that are not your full copyright, firearms or websites containing/selling items of an explicit sexual nature

7) We do not allow you to send bulk e-mail from our servers. If bulk e-mail is sent (for example, thousands of e-mails sent by the minute/hourly/daily) then a warning will be issued and your service suspended. Repeated volitions of this policy will be charged at $500 per incidence. Continued violations will see the website removed from the servers and the design/domain name will become the property of Actors Kit

8) Each server has it’s bandwidth limits. You are given 500mb space with 2 gig transfer each month. If you go over this amount, you will be notified. No response to this e-mail will mean your account will be suspended – but don’t worry, this is highly unusual!

9) As you own your website, you are free to sell it but the default design itself, is still owned by Actors Kit and can not be re-used or re-sold without our express permission. Nor can the design be re-packaged into another actors design solution or re-sold in any way.

10) Actor updates. We understand resumes change, reels change. We allow 1 free update per month to your resume and reel. If you wish to update more than this, we charge $15 per hour per change.

11) As we are based in North Carolina, Jurisdiction and all legal disputes and questions of these terms and conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of North Carolina.

12) Websites in under 24 hours refer to 24 business hours. 9-5pm ET.

13) Currently the gallery only accepts 5 images. Support for the iphone/ipad is coming in September 2011.

14) You agree and understand we offer support by e-mail only. No phone support is provided so we can keep the costs super low for you.

15) Finally – we endeavor to bring you the best support possible and to ensure your site is online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, like all electronic services, there may be very rare periods of downtime. You understand and agree you will not be compensated if downtimes occur.

Note: Any breach of these terms and conditions you will be issued with a notice. If we receive no response or resolution within 7 days, your service will be suspended. If we are still unable to resolve the issues within 5 business days, your account will be cancelled and, as per our terms, no refunds will be given. The full website and domain name then become the property of Actors Kit.

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